Sunday, November 11, 2018

Holiday Road Safety

Holiday Road Safety!
Bring in the New Year with safety first.
The National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration offers safety tips on
drinking and driving to prevent a
road tragedies.
Think before you get behind the wheel and drive!
Choose wisely; Even before you make plans to go to
the New Year's party, make sure you have a designated
All those who plan to drink; Hand over your keys. So you
won't be tempted to drive.
Plan to sleep over; If the party runs late carry an overnight
Public transportation; Many cities will be running extra buses
and trains to accommodate holiday party goers. Also, you can
download a taxi App on your iPhone for a quick pick up.
Be careful walking home; The Insurance Institute for Highway
Safety, says more pedestrians are killed on Jan 1, than any other
time of the year. So, if you must walk home wear bright visible
clothing and walk in groups.
Driving or riding; Buckle up for safety. It is the best way to avoid
Before driving get sober; Take the time to get sober and you can't
get sober by drinking coffee.
You are responsible for yourself and others when you get behind
the wheel and drive!
As an MCA member, you will be provided up to $2,000 in legal
fees, for a criminal charge of negligent homicide or manslaughter
arising from a traffic accident.
$1,000 to covered personal injury and vehicle damages from an
auto accident. And up to $25,000 bail bond if a member is
charged in an accident.
MCA membership cards are accepted as a cash appearance
bond when involved in traffic violations.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Motor Club Of America, MCA


$9.95mo.             $14.95mo.         $19.95mo.
Emergency Roadside ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Arrest Bond-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bail Bonds---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Attorney Fees-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Stolen Vehicle Reward------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Credit Card Protection------------------------------------------------------------------------------
NO                                     Travel Assistance------------------------------------------------                  
NO                                     Legal Services----------------------------------------------------              
NO,                                      NO      Affiliate Bonus Benefits
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Saturday, November 3, 2018

This is a followup post about my 
coworker who got locked out of her
car and had to pay a $75 out of pocket
fee, to get her car unlock. MCA will not 
charge their members one red penny to 
come out to unlock your car.

Motor Club Of America membership includes:

1.)Unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance (Whether you’re got a flat tire,
out of gas, locked out of your car, or need towing just call us, and we’ll
be there in 45 minutes or less) 2.)Get reimbursed for calling your own
tow company up to $100. 3.)If your car is undriveable due to an accident  
we will cover your rental car up to $500. 4.)Or, if you’re far from home,
we’ll pay up to $500 for food, lodging or transportation 5.)If you are
involved in a traffic violation your MCA card is good for $500 in
Cash Appearance Bond (Just give the card to the officer instead of your
driver license or credit card). 6.)If a legal problem aries MCAwill pay
up to $2000 for your attorney to defend against police charges
resulting from driving your covered auto. (We’re the Only ones who
offer this) 7.)Save 20-50% on everything from prescription medications,
dental, vision, hearing, doctor visits & more info on MCA
Sign up online: MCA!

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