Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Story Behind Motor Club Of America

Virgil Coffee founder of TVC Pro-Driver; Truckers Voice In Court, in 1926.
TVC Marketing is an affiliate company of Motor Club Of America, MCA (Founded by William W. Green) covering the USA and Canada. 
He wanted to protect the livelihood of truck drivers and their families on the road. He wanted them to keep on driving to make a living and be their voice in court by providing them a Membership that would benefit them on whatever happens on the road.
MCA memberships cover all the basic roadside assistant 24/7 100 miles from home, your vehicle, boat, RV's, and motorcycle is covered.
How about getting your Attorney fees paid, Bail Bond, and rental car.
MCA benefits have discounts on hotels, prescriptions and more. I will go into them on a later post. But you can check it out right Here! 

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