Saturday, February 23, 2013


Everyday situations arise in our lives which we do not understand.  We are puzzled … why did this or that happen?  Many times these situations are very positive, but on occasion they may be catastrophic.
Possibly it would be wise if we studied the Laws of Life in an attempt to understand what happens to us.
One of my favorite authors, Emmet Fox, wrote the following:
There is no such thing as luck.  Nothing ever happens by chance.  Everything good or bad that comes into your life is there as the result of unvarying, inescapable Law.  And the operator of that Law is none other than YOURSELF.  No one else has ever done you any harm of any kind, nor ever could do so, however much it may seem that he did.  Consciously or unconsciously you have yourself at some time or other produced every condition desirable or undesirable that you find in either your bodily health or your circumstances today.  You, and you alone, ordered those goods; thinking wrongly about yourself and about life, the same sort of difficulties will continue to harass you.  For every seed must inevitably bring forth after its own kind, and THOUGHT IS THE SEED OF DESTINY.
Yet there is a simple way out of trouble.  Learn how to think rightly instead of wrongly, and conditions at once begin to improve until, sooner or later, all ill-health, poverty, and in harmony must disappear.  Such is the Law.  Life need not be a battle; it can, and should, be a glorious mystical adventure; but living is a science.
A science you and I can learn through study.
-Bob Proctor

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