Saturday, February 9, 2013


What kind of world would this world be, if everyone in it lived just like me?  That is an excellent question to ask yourself.
Think about it.  If everyone held the same attitudes as you in their work, their family, their contribution to society, just what would this world be like?  Would every company be doing better?  Would every family be happier?  Would every community be thriving with pride, prosperity and friendship?
Albert Schweitzer was asked what the greatest tragedy was in life.  His answer was startling.  He said that life’s greatest tragedy was a human tragedy.  It is in the things we let die within us while we live.
When your head hits the pillow tonight, before you drift off to sleep, invest a few moments to make up your mind that you will give your best in all areas of your life for one day - tomorrow.  Fall asleep with that idea occupying your marvelous mind.
Henry David Thoreau was asked if he could give a definition of the word hell.  He answered, No, but I know who could.  Ask all those people who think about all the things they could have been, the things they could have done and all the things they could have had, yet did nothing about it.  Yes, ask them because they know what hell is like.
It is one thing to give your best and not quite make it.  It is another thing to give less than you know you can.
Yes, this world is a better place when everyone is giving and doing their best.

-Bob Proctor

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