Monday, September 9, 2019

Building A Entrepreneur LifeStyle With My20DollarTravel Business

Building a Entrepreneur LifeStyle With My20DollarTravelBusiness

Have you ever heard, to start a business for $1.00 and the company will help you upgrade by you referring 2 people. The cost of the Gold membership is the price of a pizza...$20.00. Your 2 referrals each is worth $10.00 in commissions, so therefore your first month membership is paid. The next level is Platinum and the goal of the company is that everyone become a Platinum member through their commissions that they made.
Founder and CEO - Steve Gresham, has a Mission and need our help as Entrepreneurs and that is:  "Our mission is to help 1 Million Families Worldwide!"
This is big! He has created an opportunity that is Global for everyone around the world to be able to start a business and cost is as low as one dollar ($1.00) to start.
You may think why a travel business? But, why not...Families who want to take a vacation or a nice weekend together can now do it and make it a business write off by sharing their experience with others. 
A business like this will provide the kind of income that will build your future wealth into a residual passive income. Where you will get paid month after month and year after year.
Here is a little peek at the commissions you could receive but you have to do the work...
Everybody likes to save on hotels and vacations!

Just tell others and make real cash.

Everyone should join.

Almost everyone can afford a $20 bill to save hundreds or thousands on hotels and condos!

So this makes it a very simple business.

Simply invite others who want these amazing travel deals and people who want to make some extra money.

By referring just 2 customers and then helping them do the same, you can earn substantial, life-changing monthly income.

The following shows your potential monthly income when each member in your team is at the $20 Gold Membership and refers just 2 customers each.

It's pretty awesome to be able to earn $2,000 to $10,000 monthly with a business that's the price of a pizza!

Its' very simple... Just 2 who refer 2 and so on...

Level 1: 2 Gold Members at $20 each = $10 Monthly residual.

Level 2: 4 Gold Members at $20 each = $4 Monthly residual.

Level 3: 8 Gold Members at $20 each = $8 Monthly residual.

Level 4: 16 Gold Members at $20 each = $16 Monthly residual.

Level 5: 32 Gold Members at $20 each = $32 Monthly residual.

Level 6: 64 Gold Members at $20 each = $64 Monthly residual.

Level 7: 128 Gold Members at $20 each = $128 Monthly residual.

Level 8: 256 Gold Members at $20 each = $256 Monthly residual.

Level 9: 512 Gold Members at $20 each = $512 Monthly residual.

Level 10: 1,024 Gold Members at $20 each = $1,024 Monthly residual.
Next week I'll share how to reach $10,000.00 a month!
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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Why You Should Join My20DollarTravel Business Today?

Why You Should Join My20DollarTravelBusiness Toady!

Have you ever heard the saying, "Wish I got in at the beginning" or
"The lucky ones got in at the ground level"
But this saying is my very favorite, "I was at the right place at the right time!" That's my Serendipity; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
This is an opportunity of a life time. Start your travel business
for $1.00 and you will upgrade in 30 days by your commissions of referring 2 people...Or sign up for $20 and then you are the Gold level and can take advantage of the travel engine ASAP.
Now this next level is Platinum, everyone in the program will become Platinum by your earn commissions. But, you can sign up for Platinum today and receive 25 leads a month, from people who is looking to start a home based business. 
I also, have an offer for you, if you sign up with me in the Residual Downlines, You will be able to be apart of a growing team of network marketers building residual income and leads to help you succeed.
Are you going to be in on the beginning of this great opportunity or be the one that miss the bus?